Area Rug Cleaning – Glossary N


The direction which the pile of the rug faces.

Natural Dyes
Dyes derived from plants, animals and insects, or from the earth, such as madder root, indigo, pomegranate, etc. Until the late 19th century only natural dyes were used for coloring weaving yarns.

Natural Rug
Rugs made of natural fibers. Texture is the main feature of these rugs.

Nepal Area Rug
Country in South Asia, capital – Katmandu. Important weaving centers in Nepal include Katmandu, Pokhara, and Patan; stands among the major rug exporters to Europe.

Nomadic Rugs
Nomadic rugs are woven by sheepherders who migrate a great deal; thus the rugs are typically small in size because they have to be finished in time for the next migration.

Nylon Area Rug
Durable synthetic fiber good dyeing ability.