Jaipur Area Rug
A city in north central India known for having their prisoners weave commercial rugs based on 17th century Indian Mughal designs.

Jufti/ Junti Knot Area Rug
A false knotting technique in rugs of Khorasan, Iran wherein a knot is usually tied over four warps instead of too, making the weaving process faster. The knot can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Julykhyrs/ Julkhir Area Rug
(Uzbek) meaning bearskin. Julykhyrs are a type of sleeping rugs made by the Kirghiz and Uzbek weavers, usually with long pile.

Joshagan Area Rug
A town and a weaving center in north central Iran, known for the design of an all over lozenge pattern – each consisting of a geometric floral motif, typically woven on cotton with a knot count of 100-200 per square inch.

Jute Area Rug
Jute rugs are woven out of natural plant fibers and were originally used as doormats. Jutes are long shiny vegetable fibers grown in areas of southern Asia and are second only to cotton in the amount produced and the variety of uses. The fibers are taken from their stalks and spun into yarn or rope. Jute yarns are very durable.