Let’s face it Upholstery can be as dirt as your carpets!

Oils are carried from your pets and kids and you from your kitchen and other places.  This creates a greasy residue on your upholstery and it’s not always noticeable to the naked eye.  The residue attacks the fabric and sets in your furniture and professional upholstery cleaners are the only ones that have the correct equipment and cleaning agents to get this out.

It’s amazing how much pet hair, dirt and more get into the fabric.  Just lifting the cushions gives you an idea of what may be in your furniture.  Furniture is easy to overlook and forget about cleaning but the fact is it gets dirty fast!

Dirt and grime create an amazing habitat for dust mites and allergens.  These will leak out into the air and make your indoor air quality poor.  This can cause asthma and other health problems.

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