Tips for Finding a Carpet Cleaner

A high quality and clean home carpet can make your home attractive and beautiful. Buying a good carpet cleaner is the first step of making your carpet clean, but this is not easy with so many models, qualities and costs. These models include extraction cleaner, carpet sprayer and the steam cleaner. The major types of cleaners are selected according to their functions, nature of work they do, availability and lasting abilities.

Best cleaning machines can last for many years and keep the beauty of your home for a long time to come. The home cleaner functions by spreading water and cleaning fluid solution into the carpet, then you move around with the machine, extracting the solution from the carpet. Dry cleaners use less amount of water, are compact and more portable compared to steam cleaners.

Dry, home carpet cleaner s are most chosen and purchased by people with no time to wait for the carpet to dry naturally, as people can walk on the carpet as soon as the cleaning is completed. They are also best in removing the surface dirt just like steam cleaners. With its easiness of use and portability, many people consider it for shampooing carpets in a short home cleaning service.

An extraction carpet cleaner , on the other hand, uses a cleaning solution and water to wash the carpet. The solution and water are spread on the mat, allowed to saturate and finally removed from the carpet by use of a vacuum system. Extraction cleaners are outstanding in getting rid of very stubborn dirt, but it takes a lot of time to complete the cleaning process. They also use a lot of water in cleaning than the other models.

The steam cleaner is another popular type of carpet cleaner . Its popularity is rising currently more than ever before, just like vacuum cleaners. It is long-lasting, stable and can also do shampooing in a larger room within minutes just like vacuum cleaners. The cleaning exercise of steam cleaners involves putting the cleaning solution with hot water in a small tank made as part of it. When you put it on and move around, brushes rotate to release the dirt on the carpet, and the dirt is collected into a separate section. These machines have proven to be very good in carpet cleaning services, though for surface dirt only. Therefore, a steam cleaner is not suitable for deep-seated dirt.

A particular type of carpet sprayer can also be used for cleaning services, functions just like a chemical sprayer made for pest control business. It has a hosepipe connected to a tank filled with house cleaning solutions. The dirt area is sprayed with the solution by use of the hose and then given some time. The carpet is later leased with clean water and given enough time to dry. The carpet sprayer is useful for removing stubborn stains and cleaning carpets used in public areas.

Some vacuum carpet cleaner s can be used for multiple services such as cleaning the kitchen floor, cleaning and sanitizing furniture, among others. These types of cleaners are also more expensive than conventional types of home carpet cleaner s. When home cleaning needs both furniture and carpet cleaning, the buyer should consider these special vacuum cleaners, which can be used for various services.

More tips for the right carpet cleaner

  • Temperature – The best water temperature for cleaning major carpets is around 140ºF, some carpet cleaner s can heat up to 210ºF temperature on solutions. These cleaners are more expensive than cold carpet cleaner s, though. As a buyer and carpet owner, you may decide to buy a cold carpet cleaner to save on money. However, cold carpet can only function in places where self-heating is not required. Some carpet manufacturer’s advocates for the use of cold water in cleaning their brand of mats. Graciously, some carpet cleaner s can use cold water as well as heat water, others can heat and accept preheated water, and lastly, others are made for cold water but can use preheated water.
  • Water Usage – Water usage by any cleaning machine is one vital consideration in choosing a brand. Water shortage in many areas, international and national concern in preserving water and the environment are all necessities in saving water. Water-saving machines, also known as low flow machines, has many benefits in addition to those named above. They have fewer cleanups on the cleaning area, and this fastens drying of the carpet. When a rug dries fast, the chances for mold and odor are reduced.
  • Machines Pressure – The cleaning machines used for commercial services require more pressure than one used for home purposes. Most carpet cleaning machines pressure can vary between 120psi to 220psi. The higher the pressure a machine can accommodate, the better the device in performing its functions within a short period.
  • Recovery and Solution Tanks – The larger the size of recovery and solution tanks, the less time wastage in refilling the cleaning solution or offloading the dirt gathered. Tank size can range between three gallons to seventeen gallons.
  • Size and weight – The size and weight should be considered to know if the machine is portable, are wheels installed on the device, and if yes, are their manual or electric, you should think its easiness in moving.
  • Vacuum Pressure – A vacuum pressure is used to remove water on the carpet, making the carpet cleaner and almost dry. Some powerful vacuum motors have solution lift of up to one hundred and fifty inches. Double engines can be installed when more power is needed.
  • Dumping and Filling – Carpet cleaning machines with automated disposal and water filling mechanisms, save time and are more productive.

Watch the different kinds of carpet cleaning machines and the kind of work they do at ; this is the best way of selecting the right carpet cleaning machine for your needs, especially if
needed for heavy commercial work, but with all the tips and models discussed, it will be easy for you to take the next option and know what to expect. Homeowners can go and buy their carpet cleaner s, let’s make our homes beautiful, with a high elegant carpet.