A professional carpet cleaner like Extreme Carpet in Baltimore are your heroes when your carpets begin to look horrid. Carpets are a huge investment and getting them cleaned on a regular basis will make them last longer.

Getting carpets cleaned regularly will also ensure that germs, bacteria, and dirt are rid from your home and the indoor air quality is healthy.

Professional equipment will get the deep down dirt and bacteria that has been pushed deep into the carpets due to high traffic from feet and paws. It’s important to get rid of the deep down dirt because it can contaminate the air and make it harder to breath, cause asthma, or allergies.

Think of it like this. All that dirt you and your pet and family walk on is being brought onto the carpet when you come in. Extreme Carpet Cleaning will help suck out all the deep down dirt and grime and leave your home healthy and much happier! Always remember that carpets are suppose to be cleaned 6-12 months and sometimes more depending on how many people and pets are walking on your carpets. And don’t forget about that furniture! Dirt and grime gets deep into the fabric of furniture as well!