A quick look through a local supermarket will reveal plenty of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning products, designed to help homeowners quickly eliminate stains and spills from their home. The problem with those products, though, is that they’re simply not as potent and as effective as the professional carpet cleaning solutions offered by Extreme Carpet Cleaning. Our high pressure, professional grade carpet cleaning routines can eliminate even the toughest stains from carpets, and they can do that without spreading the stain further, enhancing the stain’s dark appearance, or damaging the carpet in the process.

Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Solutions Make a Difference

In order for cleaning products to be sold over the counter to consumers, they have to leave out some of the most potent cleaning solutions and chemicals that allow for carpet stains to be eliminated completely. This is why many cleaning products leave the stain in the carpet, even it’s just a faint stain, rather than completely removing it. This tends to cause more frustration than anything else, and it’s a hassle for homeowners.

Our professional formulation is stronger, more effective, and able to more easily restore carpets to like-new condition. Best of all, our high-pressure cleaning methods allow the stain to be removed from all levels of the carpeting, removing the potential for the stain to come back at a later time or cause a foul odor after removal.

Trust Extreme Carpet Cleaning for Professional Results

As our name implies, Extreme Carpet Cleaning focuses on turning extreme stains in to extreme success stories with a combination of professional experience, tough cleaning agents, and deep cleaning that will go well beyond what other companies, and homeowners themselves, could do without our help.