Pressure Washing Baltimore

Powerwash4xExtreme offers power washing in Baltimore to both our residential and commercial clients so if you are thinking about having something cleaned please consider these six factors before choosing a contractor.

Baltimore Residential & Commercial
Power Washing & Pressure Washing

INSURANCE!! Always make sure the company or contractor you choose carries adequate insurance. There are many instances that could lead to the homeowner or business being liable for damages or injuries due to the lack of adequate insurance coverage.

Choose a reputable company with good reviews if you can’t find clients speaking highly of results what are you to expect?

Decide on a professional company that is knowledgeable, provides quality work and has a neat appearance. A company that offers these things will be treating you the very same way.

Be careful of the so-called contractor with the lowest price. If you decide to choose a company based on price alone it’s because you had nothing else to base your decision on. Consider using the contractor that doesn’t mind taking the time to provide you with a free on-site estimate that is guaranteed.

Ask Questions! Too often clients forget to ask important questions regarding the services that are being provided to them. This is how you will learn a great deal about the person or company you are considering hiring.

Probably the most important factor when deciding on a professional as opposed to a “fly-by-night” would be the types of equipment and cleaners being used. Not all jobs require big industrial expensive pressure washers but the same can be said for the company or person using the store bought 2-3 gallon per minute washer, you may want to reconsider your choice. Most professionals use at least 4-5 gallon per minute washers and also offer both hot and cold water units. If the company you have decided on uses consumer grade equipment the same can be said for the type of cleaning agents they are using to clean with. Most store bought cleaners are less effective as they are made to be safe for use when handling and less concentrated. These conditions often require the use of higher pressure by using less effective cleaning agents therefor the result could be damage to the surface being washed.

Baltimore County Pressure Washing Services

Residential Power Washing Services:

• Roofs (Black or green shingle Algae cleaning)
• Gutters
• House Washing (Siding)
• Brick & Stone
• Decks & Patio’s
• Sidewalks & Driveways
• Outdoor Furniture

Commercial Power Washing Services:

• Restaurant & convenience stores
• Parking lots
• Sidewalk and Drive-thru
• Garage & Shops floors
• Parking spaces
• New construction surfaces

We provide a wide variety of pressure washing services If you would like more information or to request a free written and guaranteed estimate, then don’t wait any longer. Click the link below to email our offices or call us at (410) 666-6600.

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