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Extreme Carpet Cleaning offers complete carpet installation & carpet repair services in the Towson, Timonium, Lutherville, Hampden, Parkville, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley & surrounding Baltimore, Maryland areas.


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Did you know that Extreme Carpet Cleaning sells and installs low cost carpeting, tile and hardwood flooring throughout Baltimore and Maryland?

As flooring experts we can provide the best brands and styles of carpet, hardwood floors and tile at very reasonable rates that include professional carpet installation.

Local Baltimore Carpet Installation Company

Carpeting by Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu, Kimberly, Karastan, and More

Our carpet installation includes a wide variety of top named carpet from manufacturers such as Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu and Kimberly just to name a few, with almost every color, style & fiber to fit most carpet installation budgets.

We also offer the convenience of in-home carpet and flooring shoppingsaving you the valuable time of going from store to store. With hundreds of samples to choose from we can easily guide you through the process of choosing the right carpet for your carpet installation.  We will gladly measure all rooms needed and provide you with an exact carpet installation quote guaranteed in writing. As always, all carpet installation estimates are FREE.

We offer the very best carpet installation & flooring installation in Baltimore and stand behind our work 100%!  Customer service is number one to us, We are locally owned and operated and are here to save you time and money. Remember, even if you are good at home improvements carpet installation is a specialized skill and should be left to the carpet installation professionals.

Benefits of Carpeting Installation

Beauty & Style

Carpet installation adds beauty and style to any room with hundreds of colors, styles and fibers to choose from. You can be creative and personalize your home with neutral colors or with varying vibrant colors, patterns and textures.

Energy Conservation

Carpet installation provides a comfortable place to sit, work, or play while also giving the room a much warmer feeling due to its “R” value. Carpeting naturally provides thermal resistance so that it can retain warm air longer making it an energy conservation benefit as well.

Noise Absorption

Carpet & padding act as a great noise absorber from things in the home such as TV’s, phones, computers, and sound systems. It also acts as a great sound barrier between floors by minimizing sound transmission to rooms below. Carpet installation also works well on stairs to mask constant foot traffic.

Safer Than Alternatives

Carpet installation also protects family members such as toddlers and the elderly from slips and falls by cushioning them. Carpet installation will provide a safe environment for the whole family.

Common Misconceptions About Carpet, Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

Misconception #1

A common misconception is that people with allergies or asthma should avoid carpet installation in the home;

Misconception Buster

Actually, carpet installation has a very positive effect in improving indoor air quality. Common household particles such as dust, pollen, pet hair and dander as well as insects get trapped in the carpet fibers acting as a filter and reducing their continued circulation within the air.


Proper cleaning with a hepa–filtered vacuum will effectively remove dust and allergens from the carpet locking them in the machine and out of the air we breathe. Much of the carpeting today is made from harmless materials found in everyday fabrics and clothing such as nylon, polyester, olefin fibers and triexta which don’t trouble most people.

Misconception #2 – Mold & Mildew

Misconception Buster

in fact it’s very hard for mold to grow on carpet. Mold grows in moist environments where dirt and dust provide the needed nutrients for them to grow.


When carpets are kept clean & dry mold simply cannot grow on synthetic fibers.

Misconception #3

Carpet is also wrongly linked to high VOC (volatile organic compound) levels,

Misconception Buster

studies have shown that new carpet installation is one of the lowest emitters of VOC’s in the home and that the emissions dissipate quickly.


The harmless odor of new carpet installation and the low-level VOC emissions will disappear within the first 48-72 hrs. after installation or even sooner if windows or doors are open.

Carpet Installation – Types of Carpeting Plush or Textured Saxony Carpet

Baltimore carpet installation

Baltimore carpet installation

Plush carpet installation is excellent for formal living & dining areas as well as master bedrooms and studies. This carpet is pure luxury. Soft, smooth and fashionable it doesn’t get more beautiful than this. Available in dozens of colors.  Saxony textured carpet is suitable for any room in the house either casual or formal and is available in hundreds of colors.



Berber or Loop Pile Carpet

Berber carpet installation is a wool “like” looking carpet that’s tightly looped offering high durability which works well in highly used areas of the home because it tends to resist crushing. This carpet leaves minimal marks from footprints and vacuuming. Available in a variety of colors and weaves.

Baltimore carpet installation

Baltimore carpet installation

Loop Carpet

Loop carpet installation

is a resilient and durable suitable for informal areas such as children’s rooms, offices and basements. These carpets are built to withstand high-traffic and offer low maintenance and longevity. Available in many color & fleck tones.Baltimore carpet installation

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet installation is ideal in high-use areas and is known for its resilience. This carpet is long lasting and easy to maintain because of its twisted fibers. Frieze is a better choice when it comes to hiding marks from footsteps, furniture legs, and vacuuming. Available in various patterns, fibers and colors

Wool Carpet Installation

Wool carpet installation is often the preferred choice of many decorators because of its high quality. This carpet is a flame resistant natural fiber that is soft and resilient offering very high performance over a long period of time and is less likely to lose its shape and superior softness. Slightly higher in initial cost, but massively offset by product longevity and ease of maintenance.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Installation

Indoor/Outdoor carpet installation offers the best durability and is built to withstand fading and other elements much better than indoor carpets. Best suitable for porches, pool areas, workshops and basements because of its mildew resistance this carpet is very easy to maintain

Most carpet wears well, but will maintain its life and beauty if properly cared for and cleaned. We recommend vacuuming often and having carpets professionally cleaned periodically.

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Carpet Installation Service Areas

Extreme Carpet Installation Company services all of the Baltimore and surrounding Maryland areas. Locally we also serve Towson, Timonium, Belair, Lutherville, Hampden, Parkville, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Loch Raven. and surrounding Baltimore, Maryland areas.