Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, MD

Why You Should Call Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, MD for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

At Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, MD, we can turn your home from drab to sparkling with our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. If it has been more than a year since you have cleaned your carpets, call (410) 666-6600.

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Carpet Cleaning Can Prepare Your Westminster, MD Home for a Baby

If you are having a baby, congratulations! A new member of the family is something to be excited about, but preparing your home may take some work. In addition to putting the nursery together and baby-proofing your home, you need to make sure it is clean and tidy for your new little one. A carpet cleaning is a critical part of that, because babies spend so much time on the floor. Whether you are laying them down to change a diaper or outfit, or if they are on the floor learning to roll their first ball, this is where babies spend most of their time. Make sure your carpets are clean and safe for them by scheduling a carpet cleaning before your baby is born and every six months after. You can reach Extreme Carpet Cleaning by calling (410) 666-6600.

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays in Westminster, MD

When getting ready for the holidays, most families pull out the decorations, and some prepare the guest room for kids coming home or parents coming to visit. If this is you, be sure to also schedule a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Over the year, there is a good chance that your furniture and carpets have become stained or trapped dirt from daily life and spills. If this sounds like your home, make sure that everything looks as good as possible for the holiday season by scheduling your upholstery cleaning appointment.

Our Westminster MD Cleaning Services

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Services Can Remove Pet Odors

If you have gotten a new little kitten or a puppy, you and your family are probably having a great deal of fun. As cute as your new little pal can be, there is also a good chance that they will have an accident from time to time. While you are housetraining your pet, clean up after any accidents that they have and make note of where they were. If you do not have a carpet cleaning appointment, your pet may return to the scene of the crime to go again. We can visit your Westminster, Maryland home on a regular basis while you are getting your new pet accustomed to living in your home. Removing any sign of an accident can help your carpets look and smell fresh, while also decreasing the likelihood that your family room floor or recliner will become the new litter box. To schedule an upholstery cleaning call (410) 666-6600.

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning in Westminster, MD Before an Open House

At Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, MD, we regularly perform a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for homeowners trying to sell their house. This is an affordable way to make your home appear well-kept and in good condition before buyers start to walk through. Call (410) 666-6600 to Schedule a Carpet Cleaning With Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, MD