Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Parkville, MD

Love Your Carpets Again With Parkville, MD Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Services

At Extreme Carpet Cleaning, we know that beautiful, clean carpets and furniture can make a home feel brand new. There is nothing like walking into a house that you are proud to call home, looking around and enjoying your décor. After all, a home is supposed to feel relaxing and comfortable. The problem is that it is hard to relax when your place looks dirty, feels grimy, or cluttered. If your home has turned into a mess, it is time for a deep clean and every deep clean needs our professional carpet cleaning services.

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Signs that you need to call Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Parkville, MD:

  • You can’t stand the smell of your home. Very often this is caused by built up dirt and odors from spilled food, pets that had accidents on the carpet or furniture, children that have spilled, etc. Even after you clean, the lingering smells that are captured in your carpet and furniture will not go away. This is why you need to have professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning on a regular basis.
  • The living room smells more like your cat than your candle. While we love pets, we do not love the smells that they leave behind. You can go nose-blind to the smell of your pet so ask a friend to tell you if the house smells more like your animals than it does your candle. If so, call Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Parkville, MD so that we can get rid of those smells and keep them away with regularly scheduled appointments.
  • You can no longer remember the original shade of your carpets. You can always tell when the carpets have not been cleaned in a while because they turn into a lovely shade of grey. Many of our clients cannot even remember the shade that their carpet started as because one stain has eventually grown to an entire carpet of stains. When we provide our carpet cleaning services, you will be amazed by how the original color starts to come through.
  • The furniture looks like it belongs in a yard sale. If your furniture is more stained than not, or you find yourself covering it up with blankets, it is time to have an upholstery cleaning. Our service is dependable and perfectly safe for your furniture. We can remove stains and overall grime that is causing your furniture to look tired and dated. Once we are done, you can love your furniture again!

Our Parkville Mills MD Cleaning Services

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At Extreme Carpet Cleaning in Parkville, MD, we provide dependable and affordable carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Our rates are affordable so there is no reason not to schedule an appointment. If you call (410) 666-6600, we can book you right away and be out cleaning your home before your family arrives from out of town or you have guests over for dinner. No matter what time of year it is – it is an excellent time to schedule carpet cleaning in Parkville, MD!