Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning

The Challenge With Vacuuming Instead of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever gotten a professional carpet cleaning done to make sure your carpets are clean? If you live in Eldersburg, MD and think that vacuuming your carpets or furniture will get them as clean as a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Eldersburg, MD, you are making a common mistake. People imagine that because they use a vacuum cleaner, they are getting their carpets and furniture quite clean. The reality is that a vacuum cleaner is designed to be far less of a comprehensive carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning tool than people imagine. The common household vacuum cleaner in Eldersburg, MD is designed to suck up surface dust, dirt, and spills. As long as the dirt remains on the surface, the vacuum has no problem; however, most dirt does not remain on the surface. As the dust, pet dander, sand, and other dirt sits on the carpet, it sinks into the fibers of the carpet, where only a professional carpet cleaning can reach it. In the same way, dirt sinks into the fabric of furniture and requires a professional upholstery cleaning in order to ensure that it is actually clean. If you want to compare the two, you should call us at (410) 666-6600 for a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Eldersburg, MD. It is a decision you won’t regret.

Allergens and Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that most people have some form of allergy and that many times, the thing that sets off the allergic reaction is in your own home? Carpets that have not had a carpet cleaning in Eldersburg, MD for a while are a prime place for allergens to hide. Think of all the dirt, dust and dust mites, pet dander, and outside pollen that finds its way into your home and settles on the carpet. Without a professional carpet cleaning, all of this sinks into the carpet and remains there, reducing the overall air quality of your home. Similarly, these allergens can get into furniture and remain there until an upholstery cleaning removes them. If people in your home are suffering from bad undiagnosed allergies, you may want to consider getting your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Eldersburg, MD done by calling us at (410) 666-6600.

Our Eldersburg MD Cleaning Services

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Bacteria and Mold Removal

Everyone knows that mold can be dangerous. This is especially true when it is constantly in the air you breathe because it is in your upholstery or under your feet in the carpet. Believe it or not, moisture along with dirt can lead to mold developing in upholstery, which we would remove with upholstery cleaning, or in the carpets, which a professional carpet cleaning will eliminate. This mold is very detrimental to your health, and it is always advisable to have a professional cleaning done if people are getting sick in the house frequently and by inexplicable causes. Bacteria development or mold formation are two things that a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Eldersburg, MD can successfully eliminate before they ever begin.

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