Choose a Baltimore Carpet Cleaning Company

Baltimore Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Installation Services in Towson & Baltimore MDWhen it’s time to clean your carpets, it’s always important to hire a professional Baltimore carpet cleaning company. While carpet cleaning may seem to be an easy thing to do, best results will always be achieved with a professional.

The carpet in your home is probably one of the most expensive items you’ve purchased and we’re sure you would like to protect that investment.

Why Should You Use Our Firm For Carpet Cleaning?

  • Extreme Carpet Cleaning uses a proven method of;
  • high-heat steam cleaning,
  • using a truck-mounted system for every project.

There is no substitute for this method.

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices or sales gimmicks when making your decisions or you could possibly end up being a victim and will need to have the services done again by a true professional, costing double the money.

Step 1:            Upon arrival we will do a thorough inspection of any rooms or area rugs needing to be cleaned, pointing out high-traffic areas, stubborn spots & stains and any other pre-existing conditions while notating them on our invoice.

Step 2:            We will explain the process of our methods with you answering any questions you may have.

Step 3:            We will use the hydro force method of pre-treating, which greatly enhances results. Also any spotters needed to remove stubborn areas are also included in our method. With Extreme Carpet Cleaning there is absolutely no upselling, ever!

Setp 4:            We will deep clean all areas with our patented deep scrub shampoo and hot water extraction truck-mounted systems known as the Hydra Master CDS (clutch-drive system) 4.8 Salsa Unit (high heat).

Note:   Moving most furniture is standard with cleaning, however any large items or taking items apart will be done at an additional cost, the technician will explain such charges. We suggest moving any family heirlooms or breakable fragile items as they are an inherited risk or liability.

Step 5:            We apply any deodorizers or Scotchguarding with a pilator (grooming rake) after the cleaning is done while also placing furniture in its original location with protective clear plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks underneath them to protect both carpet and furniture, we ask that you leave these in place for at least 24-48 hours.

Final Step:     After all work has been completed we will conduct a walk-through with the customer ensuring compete satisfaction for services requested. If you are not 100% satisfied we will fix any problems before payment has been made.


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